Eight years of marriage, three children later, and so many cherished moments; Chasity & Josh celebrated their love in the beautiful scenery of Hatcher Pass, Alaska. It was such a delight to capture the tangible love between these two! The sweet smiles, the gentle touches. and the soft kisses that are evident throughout this session are an ode to an enduring marriage filled with love.

Here’s some of Chasity & Josh’s sweet story…..

“We are both a little shy. So getting to know each other over coffee dates was a little nerve wracking at first, but we had so many personal connections that our conversations became natural quickly. We were fairly young when we got married, and so we had a lot learn. We were still working towards our college degrees, but we did not want to wait to start our lives together. We did not plan an elegant wedding; instead we focused on laying the foundation for a good marriage. Our parents have both set amazing examples of what real love looks like, and we are very fortunate to look to them for guidance. ”

Advice for other couples…..

“Kind and clear communication can go a long way toward resolving issues. Words are powerful.” Love is an action, not an emotion. Love requires effort each day, but its the best investment you can make!”



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